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GarryOwen Legal Services

GOV CIrcle V Logo NO TEXT SCAN DRAFT (1) GarryOwen Ventures LLC is not a law firm. GarryOwen Ventures LLC is not licensed to appear before any courts nor will it provide legal representation to clients. GarryOwen Ventures LLC provides only business and management consulting services to its clients.

To the extent that legal services are required by any of clients of GarryOwen Ventures LLC, the legal services will be provided by GarryOwen Legal Services, the partner entity to GarryOwen Ventures LLC. GarryOwen Legal Servcies is operated by the owner of GarryOwen Ventures LLC, an attorney licensed to practice law in multiple jurisdictions.

To be sure that there is no confusion on the topic and remain true to all rules of professional conduct, it is also important to point out that the name “GarryOwen” does not represent or intend to represent any individual or person. We are not aware of any lawyers named GarryOwen — although we expect that it is possible that there is a person with that name who is an attorney. Neither GarryOwen Ventures LLC nor GarryOwen Legal Services is intended to refer to or associate itself with any such person if one does exist. Simply put — We have nothing to do with any person named GarryOwen.

For those who do not know what “GarryOwen” is or why we have chosen this as our name, we invite you to ask us that question. However, the short answer is that the “GarryOwen” to us is a park or garden which according to legend exists in Ireland. In a way that can only be described as uniquely American, these same words have become the “unofficial” name of the 7th US Cavalry.

If you have any questions about GarryOwen Legal Services, please contact us directly.